Business liability insurance is a must

From the Feb 25 issue of the online publication Insurance business America

Home based businesses at risk of costly insurance surprises
More North Americans are running businesses from home with figures from the US Census, Small Business Administration showing that more than half of the 28 million small businesses in the US are home-based. Those businesses are often at risk of the misconception that they are covered by home insurance policies. National Association of Insurance Commissioners President Monica Lindeen warns: “Unfortunately, business owners often don’t discover this mistake until after a major incident puts their business and personal finances at risk. When it comes to insurance, what you don’t know definitely can hurt you.” The association advises that home-based business owners check their home policies to see what is and isn’t covered and that they should consider commercial lines products to protect their business.

In our Nano-Grip training classes and manual we stress the importance of obtaining standard business liability insurance for our independent applicators.Not only is it a prudent business decision, proof of insurance is required by most nationally franchised businesses for whom we do work. Our insurance classification numbers can be found in the business section of our operational manual.

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