Hospital Slip/Falls a major problem to hospitals bottom line

According to a white paper reported in Beckers Hospital Review, an online industry newsletter slip and fall injuries to patients while hospitalized is a major problem for administrators. The utilization of Nano Grip in patient bathrooms, shower rooms and other common areas can greatly reduce the exposure hospitals face wit this critical problem. To have the floors in your facility evaluated for compliance with industry and Government standards for safety contact Nano Concepts at 855-687-0976 to be referred to an approved applicator. Nano-Grip makes floors  “safer wet than dry”.

Each year, between 700,000 and 1 million patients fall while in the hospital. That rivals the number of patients who contract a healthcare associated infection (HAI). Of those patient falls, 111,000 result in a fatality, and 30-35% result in injuries. Extended stays to treat fall injuries mean bottom-line impacts for the hospital. Increasing focus of government agencies and healthcare industry associations is being brought to bear on reducing what could almost be called the epidemic of slips and falls. Certainly, slip-fall prevention takes a multi-faceted approach.

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