The ROI of safety

Experts say money spent now results in savings down the line

According to the National Safety Council every $1.00 invested in injury prevention returns between $2.00 and $6.00. Nano-Grip floor safety treatments offer one of the most cost effective ways to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Based on the average cost per workplace slip and fall of $42,152 the return for a slip resistant floor treatment can exceed 10,000%, not the 200% to 600% average seen by other safety investments.

An independent Nano-Grip applicator can measure the slip resistance of your floors for compliance with ADA and OSHA standards. If your facility does not meet current standards we can bring you into compliance for pennies a square foot.

The Nano-Grip process is not a coating, it is a chemical treatment which will change the surface of your floor on a microscopic scale that will make your floors safer wet than dry. All without changing its feel or appearance.

Call 855-687-0976 for a referral to the nearest Nano-Grip applicator.

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