Leveraging Nano-Concepts resources

 Are you taking advantage of all the benefits that Nano-Concepts has to offer?

As a Nano-Concepts partner you have access, through the log-in area of our website, to a world of assets which will benefit your business.

For the promotion of your business we offer customizable brochures and postcards, check back often – new ones are added on a regular basis. We have promotional videos which you can download and use in email marketing or as part of sales presentations on your tablet or laptop. Follow our twitter postings for industry news and interesting material you can re-post yourself.

Are you using a QR code? We can generate one for you. This code can be used on your brochures, vehicle signs, stickers, business cards etc. and anyone with a smart phone can access your website or static ad in about 2 seconds.

Continuing sales education is available by visiting our online training academy or participating in our webinars. We conduct two types of sales training webinars, instructional- where we have covered topics like cold calling, elevator pitch, overcoming objections and closing, and round table- where operators share information and experiences. If you haven’t yet been involved in one please try and make time to do so, they are typically held 3:30 EST on Friday afternoons. For those who aren’t able to be part of one, they are recorded and available on our website to listen to anytime.

Product education is another focus of our webinars. Guest presenters introduce new products and offer education about their use. Archived webinars cover products such as the heavyweight brush, Liquiguard coatings, and most recently the Nano-Zyme enzymatic kitchen floor aftercare cleaner.

We also have several blogs which are periodically updated and contain information about our industry, or business practices in general.

In closing, if you open our weekly newsletters, follow our twitter feed, participate in our webinars, check in on our blogs, participate in our online forums, and take advantage of the training modules at our training academy you will position yourself to be an industry leader in your market.

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